Pathil - Path of Exil Bot

Pathil was one-week project to experiment with Rust in combination with game hacking. I chose Path of Exile since it was the only game (besides World of Warcraft) which I thought would be worthwhile to use a bot in terms of player base and economy.

Sadly I soon realized that Rust was not the right choice for the features I had in mind wherefore I switched the project to C++.

The bot is fully background compatible and is able to do basic map runs in a loop with dynamic pathing, fighting and looting.

Currently the project is frozen but may be resurrected at any point.

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Trident - Linux CSGO Hack

Trident is my privat CSGO cheat (family) for Linux implemented in Rust. While working on VAC I felt the need to implement my own hacks (internal, external) to transfer the knowledge gained about the anti cheat solution in place to the actual game.

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Proximo - Improved Approximate Disassembler Engine

The discipline of detecting known and unknown code structures in large sets of data is a challenging task. An example could be the examination of memory dumps of an infected system. […] In contrary to other disassemblers our approach does not rely on an internal disassembler engine, as the system is based on a compressed set of ground truth x86 and x86-64 assemblies. Our first prototype shows a good computational performance and is able to detect code in large sets of raw data. 1

My B. Sc. thesis consisted of an extension and evaluation of the existing approximate disassembler Approxis 1. The new version was developed under the project name Proximo and included various new features such as compiler and programming language detection as well as the dynamic detection and adaptation to the present instruction set architecture (x86 vs. x86_64).

Past projects

The projects listed here are some of my personal, larger projects in 2018. In the past I have worked on various other game hacking related projects such as Rust and Easy Anti Cheat or DayZ and Battle Eye. This included working with Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF) for Windows and different techniques to bypass the Windows Driver Signature Enforcement (DSE) such as DSEFix and TDL.

Additionally I really enjoy working with Python to build modern single page applications (REST API + Vue.js) and experiment with machine learning to solve tasks where normal algorithms reach their limits.