Path of Exile Bot

July 9, 2018

I uploaded a little showcase video to show the current state of my Path of Exile bot named Pathil.

Current Features:

  • Dynamic Pathfinding
  • Basic Combat Routine (spells, buffs, flasks, reviving)
  • Basic Loot Filter (only loots specified items)
  • Automatic Map Runs (runs new maps from the hideout in a loop)
  • User Interface In-game (basic settings in different windows rendered in-game)
  • Fully Background Compatible (does not need an active window at all)

Hopefully I will be able to finish the basic functionality left as for example customized combat routines and improved inventory and looting soon.

The video shows the work of one week which included a complete rewrite from the first version which was implemented in Rust and fully external (out of process).

Since I wanted to support background botting and multiple game clients on one machine as well was some other features I decided to go internal and rewrite the bot in C++.

Currently I am working on reversing the new anti cheat deployed in late June. It was deployed to finally fight against PoEHud and other tools.

It is not always active but can be armed at any point. Usually when a new league or season starts. The anti cheat modules get streamed and manually map during runtime to prevent static analysis of the anti cheat (if you only have the game client to your hands).